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Do you perceive "working out" as a luxury or a necessity?  Do you perceive "car maintenance" as a luxury or as a necessity?   Do you perceive paying for prescriptions/medicines as "putting out the fire" or "clearing the path so the fire wont get to you"?  Do you put EVERYONE else before YOU and end up drained & Tired?   Are you getting your human needs met?

Dawn Jackson at asks you these questions to help you look at your belief system and what our society is buying into!   Look at these labels and think for a moment... which of these actually resonates, makes sense and feels good to you!? 

Health Maintenance                                                           Self Insured/Secured
Health Insurance                                   VS                                Self Maintenance
Health Care                                                                                     Invested in Self
Health Cost                                                                                                  Self Care

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Now if you really look at the responsibility of who/what is in charge of your health... who is it?  Is it your partner, is it your doctor, is it the pharmacist, is it your dog?   NO... plain and simple....IT IS YOU!!!! 

You are 100% responsible  for the caring and maintenance of your OWN Mind, your OWN Body, your OWN Spirit, YOUR own OVERALL HEALTH & Energy!!!    So, Dawn Jackson, massage therapist, asks you....what do you do to HONOR & TAKE CARE of YOUR Mind, Body & Spirit?

Maybe you work out, maybe you have "quiet time", maybe you meditate, maybe you eat really healthy, maybe you do laughter why not add MASSAGE THERAPY to that list!? 

Massage Therapy (knowledgeable, compassionate human touch) has been a natural, organic, & holistic form of health care for over 2000 years. It is part of the way of life in many European & Asia countries, and yet we have been lead to believe it is a "luxury" here in the USA.  It is not, it is a natural human need to be cared for and compassionately touched.  Is your HEALTH & WELL BEING a luxury?     

As a massage therapist, Dawn Jackson "chooses" to get massages on a regular basis to assist her body in letting go of any tension & energy generated from working.  As a business owner Dawn, "chooses" to get massages frequently to quiet her mind, and release the stress from her physically laborious job, the mental & emotional energies of clients and from her own busy life.  Dawn Jackson, licensed & certified massage therapist, makes a conscious "CHOICE" to take care of and maintain her health in a way that really is an investment... and the results of this "self love" get poured right back into her clients when she is working with them.

When we are relaxed, centered and peaceful, we can make better decisions that benefit not just our self but all those around us. When you take the time to take care of makes taking care of everything else in life that much easier!!!

It's worth investing in your Health
 to help maintain your Wealth because... 


SO... How about that massage now?!?!?

Mobile 1 & Business Owner Dawn Jackson, 
is a Licensed & CA Certified Sports & Oncology Massage Therapist,
based in Lake Forest, California.

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